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clips: Book Reviews
Washington Post Book Review. Five Latin-American novels.
Partisan Review.Feature. Community of young poets in Havana.
 Miami Herald. Feature on the image of the Magdalene beyond The DaVinci Code.
 Newsday. Review of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Clandestine in Chile.
 Miami Herald. Review of National Book Award winner Carlos Eire's memoir.
 Sun-Sentinel. Review. Elaine Pagels's Beyond Belief.
The Nation. Review. Robert Houston's Nicaragua-based novel.
Village Voice. Feature and Review. Poets and Photographers on El Salvador during the war years of the 1980s.
 Village Voice. Review. Spanish novel  --Two Crimes.
Parabola Magazine. Book Review of Jean Gioni's novels.
Nation Magazine. Review of Argueta's Salvadoran based novel.
 In These Times Magazine. Review. Novel by Luisa Valenzuela.
 Miami Herald. Review 'Cuba on the Verge.'
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