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clips: Favorites
New York Times. Feature on Carnival in Bahia, Brazil.
 Allure Magazine. Feature on beauty and the Cuban revolution.
Commonweal Magazine. Feature. Conversation with Dr. Penny Patterson who taught Koko, the gorilla, to use sign language.
Aperture (special edition on Cuba). Feature. Santeria as deep culture in Cuba.
Fame Magazine. Feature on Isabel Peron and the return of Peronsim to Argentina.
Miami Herald. Feature on the image of the Magdalene beyond the DaVinci Code.
Miami Herald. Feature. Artist George Sanchez's answer to Le Corbusier.
Gargoyle Literary Journal. Essay on memory and Joesphine Baker's Havana based hair-dresser, Delia Montalvo.
Commonweal Magazine. Feature. Refugee Camps in El Salvador.
Partisan Review.Feature. Community of poets in Havana.
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