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  • 2006: Miami’s Young People’s News Bureau. Work supported by The W.K. Kellogg Foundation. ( This award was for $390,000.)
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    Please note that the grant from Kellogg was for a project designed not only to set up a city-wide News Bureau for Miami’s young people, including some in Miami’s most blighted schools.  The proposal went further: It was designed to exam how effective journalism could be as a test prep tool for standardized tests, particularly those used under “No Child Left Behind” guidelines.  If journalism could be shown to be effective in this context, one could make a powerful argument for weaving it more deeply into the curriculum across the board.

  • 2000: Cultural Exchange: Havana/Miami/New York. Work supported by the Ford Foundation and General Service Foundation.

  • 1987: Human Rights reporting in El Salvador. Work supported by The National Council of Churches, The deMenil Foundation and a private trust  managed by Houston-based Sissy Farenthold.

  • 1984: Human Rights reporting in Argentina. Work supported byThe National Council of Churches.
  • 1983: Human Rights reporting in Honduras and El Salvador. Work supported by the National Council of Churches.

    Addition grant proposals available upon request.

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